Jeremiah Greenman's Diary of December 30-31, 1775

S 30 and S 31. this day it began to thicken / toward night we got in readyness / Snowed and blowed very plenty / we ware order to be in the greatest readyness for to [storm ?] the city / at 2 oClock at night we turn'd out[,] it snowing and blowing very hard / got all in readyness with our laders Spears and So forth / with hearts undanted to scale the wals marcht down into Saint rox a town near the City or jest under ye wals ware we sent off an advance guard of 50 men wich soon alarmed the town at wich all bels rang / thay soon turn out ware thay formed them Selvs along the rampers[,] keep a continual fire on us but we got up to thair two gun battery after loosing a great number of men / we soon got into thair battery wich was two Nine pounders / we got in[,] took 70 prisoners / then out men['s] arms being wet we could not do much / howsumever we tryed to forcs the gate to git into the uper town but all in vain / Genl: Mountgomery being killed all the men retreated and left us to fight for our Selvs. then thay sent a flag to us to give up / our Colo A[rnold] wounded Colo Green took Command / then the officers held a Counsel / agreed to give [up] / thay marched us into french Jessewit Collage after taking away our arms. hear we [were ?] very much crowded / No room for us to stur and very cold.


Greenman, Jeremiah. Diary of a Common Soldier in the American Revolution, 1775-1783: An Annotated Edition of the Military Journal of Jeremiah Greenman. Edited by Robert C. Bray and Paul E. Bushnell. DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1978. pg 23-24

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