Jeremiah Greenman's Diary of October 22, 1777

W 22. this moring are informed that a party of the Enemy crossed Cooper fery last Evening and was on their way thro Haddonfield for this Fort / Came a crost this morn from Fort Mifflin / had scarce an opportunity to git into the Fort, before a Flag came to Colo. Green, who commanded the Fort threatning to put the Garrison to [death ?] if he did not surrender it immediately, Colo. Green answered with disdain, that he would defend it 'till the last drop of his Blood - as soon as the Flag had returned they oppined 7 field peaces & 2 Howitzers on the fort and played very smartly for about ten moments then rushed on very Rash that even Successcould not justify its temerity / they attacked on the North & South Sides, the North Side was a brea[st] work within a nother which we cut off and made the Fort small as we had but few men to man it especially the Bigness it was wen we first arrived, the Parapet was high the Dikes deep / a row of strong pallesaids sallied out from the parapit on the gate on the South Side / we had a small place big engough for eight men to fight in which overlooked all the ground round the Fort which was surrounded with double abattis / Both of the attacks where such as was expected / the artillery & Musquetry of the fort Great Slawter / they advanced as far as the abbatis, but they could not remove it (tho sum few got over) being repulsed with great loss / they left their Command'g officer dying on the Ground in his glacis, and retreated with hurry & Confusion / they rallied in the woods and leaving thear Dead wounded & a few prisoners (which was under the walls of the Fort that could not handely retreat) in all amounting to about three hundred in our hands they returned to Philadelphia that Night - we feched in to the fort all the Wounded & dressed them shewing as [much] humanity as posable. Colo. Donop was attended with care / in the attack we lost 7 of our Regiment killed & 14 Wounded / [One] of the Killed proved to be my Capn. Shaw who was shot thro the Neck / in all Killed and Wounded it amounted to 31


Greenman, Jeremiah. Diary of a Common Soldier in the American Revolution, 1775-1783: An Annotated Edition of the Military Journal of Jeremiah Greenman. Edited by Robert C. Bray and Paul E. Bushnell. DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1978. pg 81-82

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