Fort Mercer Clothing Returns, Oct. 1777

An inventory of searjeant George Babcock
Wearing apparil who was killed at Fort Mercer
Oct 22d 1777 belonging to Capt Tho. Arnolds Company in Col Greens Regiment
Two check linen shirts
One pair of striped linen overalls
One striped cotton & linen jacket without sleeves
One flannel jacket without sleeves
One home spun woolen jacket without sleeves
One linen & worsteed cotee
One Kersey (?) outside jacket lined with flannel
One beaver hat
One pair of shoes
One pair of blue worsteed stockings
One pair of thread ditto
One pair of blue yarn stockings
One linnen hankerchief
One knapsack

An inventorey of William Hicks wearing appariel
Who was killed in the action at Fort Mercer October
22d 1777 belonging to Capt. Tho. Arnolds Company
in Col. Christopher Greenes Regiment
One uniform coat
One blue out side jacket
One double breasted jacket all wool
One black waistcoat worsted dito
One coarse linnen shirt
One white ditto with ruffles
Two pair of linnen overalls
One pair of coarse worsted stockings
Two ____ napsacks
One red broad cloth jacket without sleeves

William Sharpers
One pair shoes & stocking and buckles

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This transcription was done to support this organization's research and public education. It was a good faith effort, but errors are possible and differences due to interpretation of marks on the page. So researchers should access the original documents when possible.

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