2004 Schedule

January 11 Annual Meeting (Tew's), Swansea
February 15 Drill/Meeting (Tew's), Swansea
February 28 CL Annual Meeting (CL), Allentown, PA (opt.)
March 14 Drill/Meeting (Tew's), Smith-Appleby House
April 4 Drill (2nd MA), Dunstable Center Green, Dunstable, MA (opt.)
April 18 Drill/Meeting (Tew's), Jamestown
May 1-2 Sutton MA (CL)
June 5-6 Smith-Appleby House, North Smithfield
June 12 Gaspee Days (opt.)
July 31- Aug 1 Quebec (Big 3)
August 28-29 Newtown NY (CL), ("hard-core")
September 12 Drill/Meeting (Tew's), Smith-Appleby House North Smithfield
October 17 Drill/Meeting (Tew's), Jamestown Battery
November 6 CL Northern Dept. Meeting (CL), Holyoke, MA
November 14 Drill/Meeting (Tew's), Rochester MA

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last modified 09/24/04