2006 Schedule

January 22 Drill/Meeting , Scituate, RI (Tew's)
February 4 CL Annual Meeting, Annapolis, MD (CL)(opt.)
February 19 Annual Meeting / Drill, Smith-Appleby House, North Smithfield RI (Tew's)
March 19 Drill/Meeting , Jamestown, RI (Tew's)
April 23 Drill/Meeting, North Smithfield RI (Tew's)
May 5-7 Cobbleskill, NY (CL)[As Tew's]
June 16-18 Southbury 225th, CT (BAR) (CL)(BB) [As Olney's]
July 22-23 Grand Reconnaissance 225th, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River, NY (BAR)(CL)(BB) [As Olney's]
October 18-22 Siege of Yorktown 225th, Yorktown VA (BAR)(CL)(BB) [As Olney's]
September 16 Muster Day at Nurse Homestead, Danvers MA (Tew's)
November 4 Drill/Meeting, 5th of November party, Rochester MA (Tew's)

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last modified 07/25/06