2018 Schedule

January 20th Drill/Meeting, Smith-Appleby (Tew's)
February 10th Annual Meeting, Smith-Appleby (Tew's)
March 24th Battle Road Drill
April 14th Battle Road
April 16th Battle Road
April 28th Drill/Meeting, Smith-Appleby (Tew's)
May 25-27 Herkimer
June 16th & 17th Monmouth NJ
July 6th & 7th Fort Sewall, Marblehead MA
July 21th & 22th History Days, Lincoln RI
August 4th & 5th OSV
August 11th & 12th Silvershell Beach, Marion MA
August 25th & 26th Assault on Fort Ontario, Oswego NY
Oct 6th & 7th Amos Green Homestead, Charlestown, RI (BAR)
Oct 27th Red Horse Tavern
Nov 3th 5th of Nov., Rochester, MA (Tew's)
Dec Christmas Party (Tew's)

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last modified 02/20/18