2019 Schedule

January 19th Drill/Meeting, Smith-Appleby (Tew's)
February 16th Annual Meeting, Smith-Appleby (Tew's)
March 9th Annual Meeting, Smith-Appleby (Tew's)
March 23th Battle Road Drill
April 13th Battle Road
April 15th Battle Road
May 19 Encampment at Harrisville Assembly: Burrillville, RI; one day, 6-8 volunteers needed
June 8th & 9th Battle of Newbury at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm: Newbury, MA
June 22th & 23th Water's Farm "School of the Soldier": Sutton, MA
July 6th & 7th Battle of Hubbardton: Hubbardton, VT
August 3th & 4th OSV
Sept 14th & 15th Fort Ticonderoga Brown's Raid: Ticonderoga, NY
Oct 19th & 20th Battle of Chase Farm: Lincoln, RI; Tew's Company sponsored event
Nov 5th of Nov., Rochester, MA (Tew's)
Dec Christmas Party (Tew's)

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last modified 03/05/19