General Washington's letter to Governor Greene, 29th June,1780

Headquarters, Rampaugh, 29th June, 1780

Sir:-I was yesterday honored with Your Excellency's favor of the 25th, enclosing a recommendation of the council of war, to General Heath, to order Colonel Greene's regiment to march immediately to join the army leaving as many officers as possible to bring forward the drafts directed to be raised for completing the battalions of the state. Colonel Greene's regiment being too small to afford any material reinforcement, and being usefully employed where it is at present, I have thought it most advisable for it to remain until the greater part of the drafts are collected; when I have desired General Heath to put them in motion, at the same time detaining a few officers to collect and bring up the remaining levies. Upon their joining the army, I shall dispose of them in such manner as will make the regiments equal in point of numbers.

The gallant behaviour of Colonel Angell's regiment on the 23d inst., at Springfield, reflects the highest honor upon the officers and men. They disputed an important pass with so obstinate a bravery that they lost upwards of forty in killed, wounded and missing, before they gave up their ground to a vast superiority of force.

The ready and ample manner in which your state has complied with the requisitions of the committee of co-operation, both as to men and supplies, entitles her to the thanks of the public, and affords the highest satisfaction to, sir,

Your Excellency's most obedient servant, GEO. WASHINGTON


Lovell, Louise Lewis. Israel Angell, Colonel of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment. [New York]: Knickerbocker Press, 1921, pg 168.

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