In May Captain Stephen Olney resigned from the service as he felt that the war was over and he did not wish to stay on just to receive a pension. Olney's place as commander of the Light Infantry company was taken by Capt. William Allen.

As the month ended the Battalion left Philadelphia and marched for Peekskill, N.Y.. Upon arrival in New York the men resumed the duty of guarding the front lines in Westchester County. Besides guard duty the men paraded for Count Rochambeau and General Washington on several occasions. During the summer the battalion erected a colonnade before their tents which acted as an awing.

Autumns cooler weather meant taking down the colonnade and preparing for winter camp. The battalion was assigned duty to the northward. Sailing up the North (Hudson) River the battalion landed at Albany and continued on foot for Saratoga. Upon arrival in the town the battalion set to repairing the barracks for use as winter quarters.

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