During February the Rhode Island Regiment took part in an expedition through deep snow from Fort Herkimer to Fort Oswego. As the year wore on the Regiment remained in the Saratoga area. On April 18th Gen. Washington announced the peace treaty to the troops at New Windsor. Following this announcement the men who were enlisted for the war were given furloughs which allowed them to return home. The men would be discharged upon ratification of the peace treaty. By July only a few officers and men who had enlisted for 3 years service remained with the garrison at Saratoga.

Autumn found the garrison "in a Miserable Condition, Some of them not a Shoe or a Stocking to their feet." The weather once more became a cause for complaint as the men had little protection from the elements.

On December 5th word finally arrived from headquarters to discharge the men and return home. Lt. Wheaton managed to get a pair of shoes for each man but was unable to get any other clothing. In this deplorable condition the last of the Rhode Island Continentals set off for home on Christmas Day.

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