Olney's Battalion
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Rhode Island Regiment (Olney's Battalion) January 1781 to November 1783

By Act of Congress, 3 October 1780, the 1st and 2nd Rhode Island plus the remnants of Sherburne's Battalion were required to consolidate into one unit. The first commanding officer of the new formation, Christopher Greene, was killed in action at the Croton River, New York, in May 1781. Jeremiah Olney succeeded Greene as commanding officer, but kept his rank of lieutenant colonel. The unit became known as Olney's Battalion. Authorized strength was 650 with nine musket companies and a headquarters. Actual strength varied between 400 and 450. At Yorktown the battalion was brigaded with the 1st and 2nd New Jersey under Colonel Elias Dayton. In November 1783 Olney's Battalion was disbanded, the last of the eleven Rhode Island Continental battalions to serve in the Revolution.

Forts Herkimer & Oswago


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In Febuary of 1781 Stephen Olney's Light Infantry Company was detached to Lafayette's Division of Light infantry.
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