Stephen Olney's Light Infantry Company

When the Rhode Island Regiment was formed out of the 1st and 2nd, the light infantry company captain of the 2nd Regt., Coggshall Olney, was permoted to Major. At that time Coggshall Olney's and Stephen Olney's companies were combined as the new regiment's light infantry company and was put under the command of Stephen Olney. In February of 1781 the Light Infantry Company was detached to Lafayette's Division of Light Infantry. As part of Lafayette's formation, the RI Light Infantry company, as part of Gimat's Light Battalion, takes part at Green Springs and Yorktown.

Ensign Ebenezer Denny of the Pennsylvania Line describes the Light Infantry just before Green Springs in linen.

Excerpts from Lafayette's letters to Washington describing the Light Infantry.

Extensive web page on "The Men of Capt. Stephen Olney's Light Infantry Company, 2nd R.I. Regiment, 1781"

Company Rolls

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