Captain Stephen Olney's Light Infantry Company
of Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremiah Olney's Battalion

Captain Stephen Olney's Light Infantry Company has been reformed to commemorate the role played by Rhode Island soldiers in the American Revolution. The recreated company is composed of men and women who portray the Revolutionary War soldier and his military camp as "living history". A volunteer organization, the members of the company come from many backgrounds but all share a deep, common respect for the American War for Independence.

Each member of Olney's Company is personally responsible for uniforming and equipping himself in order to duplicate the attire of the company. The unit strives to portray the Company during the campaign season of 1781, attached to Lafayette light infantry corp, and accumulated in the siege at Yorktown where the company took a lead position. The Rhode Island soldier is armed with a Charleville musket. He carries ammunition in his "new model" cartridge box and a bayonet in his scabbard. Specific equipment requirements are based on current research. Members are strongly encouraged not to have facial hair. Clothed, armed and equipped, Stephen Olney's Company goes into the field dressed in precisely the same manner as did his Revolutionary predecessor.

Stephen Olney's Company strives to provides an insight into the daily routine of the Revolutionary War soldier and his camp followers. Marching drills and the manual of arms are executed in accordance with Von Stuben's regulations. Meals are prepared over cooking fires using reproductions of the pots and kettles of the eighteenth century. To these mainstays of reenacting we strive to add other aspects of camp life including an artificer core.

This is a second and late war interpretation for this organization but is one for which we are members of the Brigade of the American Revolution. Our primary and Continental Line interpretation is Captain William Tew's Company of Colonel Israel Angell's Regiment, 1778, you can find an extensive history of the Rhode Island Continental Solder there. Here is a link to Stephen Olney's Light Infantry Company historical information contained in our history.

New Recruits

Anyone with a strong interest in the American Revolution and the time to devote to this avocation is welcome to seek membership. The minimum age for members using firearms is sixteen. Musicians and non shooters are eligible at twelve years. Since authenticity is a vital requirement the Company makes every effort to guide each member in the preparation of his equipment. For further details contact Capt. Stephen Olney's Light Infantry Company at
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