Rhode Islanders in Arnold's Force

Rhode Islanders in Arnold's Force September - December 1775

Map of Quebec

Map to Quebec

Jeremiah Greenman's Diary of December 30-31, 1775

In September 1775 General Washington organized a special force of 1100 officers and men, taken from his army outside Boston, with the mission of capturing Quebec city from the British. He appointed as commander the aggressive Benedict Arnold of Connecticut. Ten Rhode Island officers and about one hundred enlisted men volunteered to serve in this force. Three of ten musket companies were commanded by Rhode Island officers. During the attack on Quebec on 31 December Arnold's second in command was Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Greene, formerly major of Varnum's regiment. All 400 of those who took part in the attack were either killed or captured. The other 700 had either turned back from the march or were sick. All of the Rhode Island officers were captured except for Lemuel Bailey, who had returned home sick, and Surgeon Senter, who had remained at the hospital outside Quebec. Eventually all the officer captives were paroled and later exchanged. Without exception they rejoined Rhode Island combat troops.


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