Rolls of Colonel Angell's Regiment

Officers of Feb 1778:

Israel Angell Colonel
Jeremiah Olney Lieutenant-Colonel
Simeon Thayer Major
Thomas Waterman Adjutant
Charles Holden Paymaster
Samuel Tenney Surgeon
John Parish Surgeon's mate
Benjamin Peckham Quartermaster
Nathan Whittlesey Quartermaster-sergeant
William Proctor Sergeant-major
Daniel Hudson Fife-major
William Tew Captain 1st company
Coggeshall Olney Captain 2nd company
David Dexter Captain 3rd company
Stephen Olney Captain 4th company
William Allen Captain 5th company
William Potter Captain 6th company
Thomas Hughes Captain 7th company
William Humphrey     Captain 8th company

Company / Regimental rolls

The transcriptions of Company / Regimental rolls try to be accurate but due to human error and the condition of the original media, errors can be expected. Please check the original your self before using in serious research. Also an effort was made to correctly spell names by comparing different rolls.

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